581594 Irrigating Cystotome, straight

Product Number: 581594
ic2BD VisitecT irrigating cystotome .60 x 16.0mm (23G x 5 / 8 in) (10/sp)

Designed for capsulorhexis, intercapsular/endocapsular and can opener capsulotomy techniques. Tips are sharp on both sides to puncture and cut or tear the capsule. Each BD VisitecT cystotome is encased in a unique protective enclosure to ensure aseptic transfer and product quality until use.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type Capsulotomy
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Cataract
Product sub-group Irrigating Cystotome
Angle 90°
Bend location 12.0mm from bend
Gauge .60mm (23 G)
Dimension .60mm x 16.0mm (23 G x 5/8 in)
Color Blue hub
Feature Tips are sharp on both sides to puncture, cut and tear the capsule
Sterile? Yes

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