585003 Micro J Shape Cannula

canul 585003Product Number: 585003
BD VisitecT micro J shape Cannula .50 x 22.0mm (25G x 7 / 8 in); .25mm open-end port, hook 1.5mm long x 1.75mm wide (10/sp)

For aspirating cortical debris when chamber is maintained with either an anterior chamber maintainer or a viscoelastic substance. Curved and J shape cannulas especially useful for retracting iris and aspirating difficult-to-reach cortex between the 10 o´clock ; 2 o´clock meridian.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type Cortex removal, Iris retraction
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Cataract
Product sub-group J Shape Cannula, Irrigating iris retractor
Tip 1.5mm long x 1.75mm wide hook
Gauge .50mm (25 G)
Dimension .50 x 22.0mm (25 G x 7/8 in)
Port .25mm open-end port
Color Orange hub
Feature Designed for small incision surgery, J Shape .25mm open-end port, Useful for retracting iris & aspirating difficult to reach cortex between the 10-2 o´clock meridian
Sterile? Yes

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