585012 DCR Set, angled (O´Donoghue)

canul 585012Product Number: 585012
BD VisitecT DCR set (O´Donoghue) stainless steel probes .90mm x 4.5cm (20G x 1 3 / 4 in) angled 45°, 15.0mm from end. Solid silicone rod length 40cm (15 3 / 4 in); diameter .80mm (.032 in) (3/sp)

Retreival device is designed to slide into notch at the end of probe for removal of the probes from the inferior meatus. Lacrimal intubation set and retrieval device are packaged together.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type Oculoplastic
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Oculoplastic
Product sub-group DCR set (O´ Donoghue)
Angle 45°
Bend location 15.0mm from end
Gauge .90mm (20 G)
Dimension Stainless Probes: .90mm x 4.5cm (20 G x 1 3/4 in)
Tubing Solid silicone rod 40cm (15 3/4 in) long x .80mm (.032 in) diameter
Sterile? Yes

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