585062 IOL Manipulator, straight (Sinskey)

canul 585062Product Number: 585062
BD VisitecT IOL Manipulator (Sinskey) blunt tip. Fits .20mm diameter holes and larger (3/sp)

For positioning intraocular lenses. Sure grip handles hand ridge indicating position of tip. Irrigating manipulators can be attached to either a syringe or irrigating handpiece.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type IOL Manipulation
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Cataract
Product sub-group IOL manipulator
Tip Blunt, Fits .20mm diameter holes
Feature Fits .20mm diameter holes and larger for positioning intraocular lenses
Sterile? Yes

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