585106 Cortex Extractor, .55 (Charleux)

Product Number: 585106
ic3BD VisitecT Cortex extractor (Charleux) .55 x 12.5mm (24G x 1 / 2 in); .30mm end port angled 10° (10/sp)

For aspirating cortical debris when chamber is maintained with either an anterior chamber maintainer or a viscoelastic substance. Curved and J shape cannulas especially useful for retracting iris and aspirating difficult-to-reach cortex between the 10 o´clock ; 2 o´clock meridian.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type Cortex removal
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Cataract
Product sub-group Cortex extractors
Angle 10°
Tip .30mm end port Angled 10°
Gauge .55mm (24 G)
Dimension .55.0mm x 12.5mm(24 G x 1/2 in)
Port .30mm end port angled 10 degrees
Color Purple hub
Feature .30mm top port angled 10°, flat end opening has rounded edges
Sterile? Yes

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