585165 Vitreoretinal Viscodissector (Glaser/Chen)

canul 585165Product Number: 585165
BD VisitecT Vitreoretinal viscodissector 45° (Glaser / Chen), .90 x 25.0mm (20G x 1 in) Cannula with, .30 x 5.0mm (30G x 3 / 16 in) tip extension. Tip flattened and angled 45°, 1mm from end (5/sp)

For dissection of preretinal and other vitreoretinal membranes using viscoelastic fluids. May also be used for application of serum, plasma, or other agents used to repair macular holes. The cannula is attached to a 20cm (8 in) long luer lock, high pressure extension tubing set capable of withstanding injection of viscoelastic fluids.

Key Product Features
Available US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product Type Vitreoretinal
Brand BD VisitecT
Procedure Vitreoretinal
Product sub-group Delaminators, Viscodissector
Angle 45°
Tip Flattened, Angled
Bend location 1.0mm from end
Gauge .90mm (20 G) Cannula with.30mm (30 G) tip extension
Dimension .90mm x 25.0mm (20 G x 1 in) Cannula with .30 x 5.0mm (30 G x 3/16 in) tip extension
Color Yellow hub
Tubing ID-0.50mm (.02 in); OD- 1.5mm (.06 in) long luer lock, high pressure extension tubing set., 20cm (8 in) long
Feature Tip flattened & angled 45° 1.0mm from end, Cannula comes with a 20cm (8 in) long luer lock high pressure extension tubing set, Capable of withstanding injections of viscoelastic fluids
Sterile? Yes

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