370145 Safety Knife

biçak 370145 Product Number: 370145
370145 - BD™ Safety Knife with BD Xstar Blade™ Phaco slit knife matte finish, 2.50mm, angled 45°, single bevel. Designed with integrated safety shield. Also includes a high quality, grindless steel blade. (10/sp)

Protection Simplicity Performance are qualities that define the BD™ Safety Knife with BD Xstar™ Blade. This product includes a specially designed, integrated retractable shield that protects the blade in procedure and handling. The integrated safety shield is activated by the user through a spring-assisted slider that provides tactile and audible feedback in both the shielded and unshielded positions. The innovative design meets the NIOSH list of desirable characteristics of devices with safety features. The BD Xstar Blade technology is based on a grindless process for manufacturing surgical blades. This proprietary process yields outstanding sharpness and consistency. The arch style, single bevel blade geometry allows the cataract surgeon to create the desired incision architecture, whether the incision is scleral or corneal.

Key Product Features
Availability US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan
Product type BD safety-engineered device, Knives and Blades, Safety knife
Brand BD™ Safety Knife, BD Xstar™
Angle 45° bevel up
Bevel Single
Color Grey handle, black slider
Dimension 2.5 mm angled 45°, bevel up
Procedure Cataract, Kits
Product sub-group Slit knife
Sterile? Yes
Tip 2.5 mm

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